Special People, Special Planning

Special People Special Planning is about creating a financial and legal blueprint to address the special person's unique personal and social needs. Families of people with special needs face planning challenges that accompany longer life expectancies - a future without full independence - and the need to maintain an outstanding quality of life. In this book, authors and estate planning attorneys Hoyt and Pollock give your family an overview of the threee main federal disability programs, and teach you how to creat a customized, comprehensive, plan for your special person that combines:
  • The availability of human resources including family, friends, advisors, case workers and advocacy organizations
  • The family's personal financial resources today and in the future
  • The public assistance programs available to your special person
This book has been designed to help you work with your legal professional in the most optimal way possible so that you will understand all of your planning options before your initial planning gets underway. This book will help you:
  • Learn how to choose the right trust for your family amidst the different kinds of trusts that your attorney will discuss with you
  • Discover the value of the essential estate planning documents and how your attorney and your financial professional will implement them for you
  • Understand the basics of funding, asset integration and updating to maintain and sustain the long-term well-being of your loved one
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