A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust is a book for everyone - especially if you care about what happens in the event of your disability and to your legacy in the event of your death. A Matter of Trust identifies the types of legal planning directives most people require, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, living wills and memorial instructions. It describes when, where, and how to create personal instructions to properly guide your successors in the event of your disability and at the time of your death. You'll discover how to assemble a team of professional advisors including attorneys, certified public accountants, financial and insurance professionals. Also included is guidance regarding important questions to ask when selecting successors, especially corporate trustees. You can create an estate plan that is legally and technically correct but also works for you and for the benefit of your loved ones.
A Matter of Trust: The Importance of Personal Instructions is your definitive guide to creating personalized legal directions that are based on your hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations - because after all, it's a matter of trust!
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